Wk32 into Wk33

Last week was a bit of a cop out running wise, just two runs, but two good walk days.

And a couple of days gardening too, which I’ve realised might as well be instead of the strength workout I missed. I had magic tasting pizza on Thursday night – date night – yum.

My training got pushed aside slightly for a recovery day on Monday, after some gardening on Sunday (9th) – I was a bit sore after lifting lots of sand etc. rest day on Monday.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday were great (long) days at work, 12 hour days door to door, helping the radio production teams at the Edinburgh Festival.

I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. 🙂 I had a great time, and it really made me appreciate how lucky I am (work wise).

Life gets in the way sometimes, but I have to say, last week was a pretty cool week.

Here’s what I did anyway:

10 August
Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest (6M walk – Edinburgh)
Wed: Rest (6M walk – Edinburgh)
Thu: 6.2M running the sun
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest (gardening)
Sun: 14M run (& gardening strength)

I couldn’t fit strength work in last week, but I’m sore today from the gardening / landscaping I did on Saturday Sunday, so I’ll take that as strength work instead. I must have lifted I don’t know how many 20-25kg bags.

Oh and here’s the sad story of last week after eating out at a restaurant on paisley road west, we were driving home and we saw a young seagull, lying incapacitated on the road. It looked like it had been hit by a car, and it’s legs were out of use. 😦

My caring nature kicked in and I asked Fit Girl to stop so that I could at least move it from the road. I picked it up and it was maybe stunned as it didn’t react much to me (I’d have thought it would try to nip me). I put him under a tree and called the rspb.

They ended up saying they’d be over a few hours, and asked if we could take it home until they could arrive. We did so, but the poor thing only lasted about 2 hours after it was knocked down. 😦 Sad after we thought we’d maybe be in with a chance of saving it.

It’s in bird heaven now, and we did what we could. 😦

And in other news, I got into an evening course at the City of Glasgow College, starting mid September until the end of the year. More about that when it kicks off.

Here’s the progress with the garden:

Now for next week – I’m having a massage on Tuesday, see if I can iron out a pain I’ve had in my left shoulder blade. It actually made me stop running a few miles in to our long run today – a niggle turned into a sharp pain. But it eased off and I got going again.

Who’d have thought a sore shoulder would stop you running! 😉

I’ll do 3-4 runs with my long run on Saturday, and a strength session on Wednesday, fingers crossed.

Then here’s the training plan:

17 August
Mon: Rest (and food prep)
Tue: AM Run, PM Massage
Wed: Strength 1
Thu: AM Run, PM late at work
Fri: Rest
Sat: 21M long run (incl 9M coaching).
Sun: Rest

Here’s me ‘at work’ in my garden – lol, I look like I’m sleeping, or something!:

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