Front Garden getting there…

No long run for us today, we had a lie in instead – nearly a 12 hour sleep!

Just what I needed after a restless night the night before – where I got about 4 hours due to my brain not turning off.

It was a nice day today, so we did a bit more work in the garden, laid the path, and nearly all of the brick edging.

Here’s what the corner used to look like (with a big bush in it – plus me).

And here’s it with the bush away… blank canvas…

Here’s the plan:

Here’s how it’s looking today – looking out from the bench:

Looking into the bench:

The next bits to do are:

– Finish the brick edging (need a bag of sand & 6 large bricks). 

– Get another wooden planter and fill them both. (Need compost).

– Get 4 small trees (2 red, 2 green) and some plants (I’ll maybe leave some of this until Spring). 

– Lay the stone chippings.

We’re nearly there with it (just in time for autumn / winter lol.)


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