Sometimes life takes over…

Monday was meant to be a strength day for me, with Tuesday and Wednesday as planned rest days (because I was helping at the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival at our Potterrow site.)

But I didn’t manage to get out of my bed and opted for it to be a rest day, which would be 4 rest days in a row.

This came at about the same time as someone asked me if I thought it’d be ok if she took a rest day – family commitments, running about like a …. and starting to feel a cold coming on; and she wanted me to confirm if she was right or not in taking a rest. Would it impact her event in x weeks?

And you know what? Sometimes it’s ok to take extra rest days. Sometimes work or family or other commitments get in the way. And there are plenty other things you can focus on to make still make a difference (than exercise).

And this is especially the case if you’re not feeling great, or you’re starting to feel run down.

Here’s some of the things you can do in instead of training or exercise:

1. Walk plenty
2. Eat well
3. Drink plenty water
4. Get plenty sleep
5. Have fun but keep your goals in mind
6. Be grateful, do good and help others
7. Look after yourself

1. Walk plenty
In 2 days working in the Production teams, I walked lots. 6 miles commuting each day, between home, train stations and work.

I was up early, 5:30am, out the door from 6:30am to 6:30pm. 12 hour days door to door. But it was just for a few days, so it was fine.

By the end of the second day, my legs were pretty achy. From standing / walking around (being a ‘Production Runner’) all day, for two days.

Over 20,000 steps / 11 miles waking a day. 🙂 if you can’t walk so much, take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk instead of taking the car or underground if you can. Make better choices to help you be more active.

2. Eat well
I was prepared, I had plenty food with me and made sure that I made time to eat. I had 3 eggs (scrambled) for breakfast, with an oatcake, berries and nuts. A coffee and water. Then a banana and pre made lunch (Tupperware) fitted in between productions. And easy to eat healthy snacks for on the go.

3. Drink plenty water
Added into this, drink plenty water. Easy peasy, carry or have a bottle of water handy. And drink it when you can.

4. Get plenty sleep
Prioritise sleep. Wind down, take time out. Take care of yourself. Get a good sleep so you can keep going tomorrow and all week.

5. Have fun but keep your goals in mind
Be social, have fun. Enjoy yourself, time our with family. Or time out at work like I was doing. Enjoy the moment. Do your best to be be great at what you’re doing.

Remember if you can’t fit exercise or training in, you can get your activity elsewhere, or simply be careful about what you’re taking in. Go for better options, eat fish, meat or chicken and veg, instead of pizza.

6. Be grateful, do good and help others
Remember how far you’ve come and be grateful for what you’ve got. Think of the little wind you’ve got from today or this week. So you didn’t run, but what else did you do?

Did you make someone’s day better? Make a difference to people’s lives. These last two days, I helped countless people, some people I don’t even work with.

I got a mic fixed for one of the festival staff, I took care of things. I was attentive to people who needed things. I made people feel at ease, and important in some cases too. I was ON it. 🙂 (and it felt easy).

I was calm and I spread my calmness around the people I came into contact with. I was positive, can do, will do. I sorted things, fixed things. I related well to all kinds of people.

I checked that staff and ‘talent’ were ok. So much so, I left with the presenter, Janice Forsyth saying to me ‘can you come back again? You were an oasis of calm’. 🙂

A few people asked if I’d be back, and I good a good bit of feedback from the teams I worked with afterwards. I did good.

7. Look after yourself
As well as looking out for and helping others, I was careful to look out for myself too. Take breaks, nip to the toilet, eat plenty good stuff. Take time to enjoy it all.

Sometimes life takes over and it’s ok.

Sometimes you have to look after your kids, work more or you or one of your family get sick. So you missed a run or done training? That’s ok.

Take care, look after yourself and others, enjoy the moment and remember to get exercise back into your life when you can. You can do it. 🙂 just don’t leave it too long x

Get back to having exercise as part of your life, and let some of the other things slip back down to normal again.

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