18.25 mile LNM marathon training

Today we went out for Fit Girl’s longest run yet… 16 miles for her and I added on a fast finish just over 2 miles at the end on my own. All part of our training for the Loch Ness marathon at the end of September. 7 weeks away.

I suggested she look at the 16 miles as 4 x 4 runs as I remember the first time I ran really long, it can be hard mentally. She did ok though, she was a wee bit quiet at the end, and I knew it was getting tough for her, but she did it well.

Our pace was pretty steady throughout, 9:30 min miles (except for on some hills), and we kept fuelling up on the way – me with my usual sis caffeine energy gels, and FG with her jelly beans.

I had my water pack, and I shared with her. (But I’m trying to persuade her to get a wee one of her own to keep her hydrated / stop her getting sore heads after long runs). 😉

We were going along Argyll Street when we got to half marathon distance, which is the furthest FG has run. She was feeling her knee tighten a little, and we agreed that she should maybe forgo some of her mid week runs for spin sessions again – that seemed to help toughen everything up before for her, when we ran long training for her first half.

At 16 miles she was glad to finish, and I headed off for a fast finish 2 miles, along Paisley Road West, past Inbox library, Brand Street and home. Not exactly scenic, but it did the distance and let me open up a bit.

My average heart rate was about 140 throughout, then I pushed it up to 165 and eventually 176 at the end.

The resulting pace was some strong last miles / quarter miles: 8:02, 7:30, 7:07.

Cadence was up too (see the blue in the graph) to about 180ish. 😀 I’m liking opening up for just the last few miles occasionally, it really makes you feel good, confident and strong. 😀

Here’s the garmin link:

Nice weather for a run this morning, sunny, but not too warm. 4 parks, Bella, Pollok, Glasgow Green and Festival, 30,000 steps, all before 11am. I wonder if I’ll still be awake later? 😉

Now for some water, a chocolate milkshake, a shower and lunch out. 😀

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