Breakfast – Fuller for longer

For the last 15 days, our kitchen has been all in an upheaval. Most of our kitchen stuff was in boxes upstairs, so it meant I didn’t prep my food as much, and breakfast was hit and miss.

On good days I made my berries, with Greek yoghurt and total breakfast in a blender, or I managed to make scrambled eggs. But on one day I went out for breakfast before work, and a few mornings I hit rock bottom and settled for very easy ‘Special K’ cereal with berries and milk. :-/

And I was lucky if I got a coffee (with things not being plugged up etc.) So I had one at work first thing some mornings instead.

On the last day of getting the kitchen finished (Wednesday 5th), I was just about to make scrambled eggs in the morning, when I realised the microwave wasn’t anywhere near (or plugged in), and the pans were upstairs. Argh.

So I opted for a second time (in 15 days), for Special K and berries: a rather big bowl (to hopefully keep my going, but not much protein = not much sustenance and you can imagine what happened next).

That was at about 8am, and by 1030am, I was really STARVING! I ended up getting a wrap for lunch at 1130am, and I had it not long after that. And because I’d had my lunch early, I was really hungry later in the day too. Argh!

When I eat my usual breakfast, it’s a meaty 400-600 calories, if mostly protein with a bit of carbs. It usually keeps me going from 8am to about 1 or 2. No kidding. Lunch can sometimes slip, but I’m sure to eat it and I eat snacks too.

Anyway, to avoid the Special K and other cereals, here are my options for breakfast, which keep me fuller for longer (sure there’s a bit of prep time, but I’m ok with that):

1 – Scrambled eggs (x3), berries (or cherry tomatoes), pine nuts, a thick oat cake (crumbled on top).

2 – Scrambled eggs (x3), smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, a thick oat cake (crumbled on top).

3 – 3 egg omelette, with veg (peppers, tomatoes) and cheese. (Or Avocado and blueberries and nuts maybe?)

4 – Blueberry protein pancakes – oats blended into a powder, 2 eggs, protein powder, and low fat cottage cheese (all blended into a smooth mixture) then add baking powder, walnuts, blueberries.

5 – raspberries, blueberries, Greek yoghurt, total breakfast protein powder, nuts (shaved almonds, walnut pieces or pine nuts), crumbled oatcake on top.


6 – Home made porridge, oats, milk, Greek yoghurt, shaved almonds, sultanas or blueberries (left overnight in the fridge then cooked in the morning).

7 – For quickness and easiness – (alpen quick blueberry porridge, with a few extra scoops of oats). (Maybe for before a long run).

8 – Greek yoghurt, berries, and a banana (or mango) with pine nuts.

And maybe a side of Melon, grapes, pineapple, like we got in Vancouver! 🙂

Another option is fish, or some sort of salad (and plenty of it). It might sound odd as a breakfast choice, but it’s much better than cereal or cereal bars.

If in doubt, google some tasty protein based breakfast recipes.

And I have a big bottle of ice cold water (500-700mls), a black coffee, a multi vitamin and some super omega fish oil.


There are some ideas for a breakfast that fils you up and keeps you full for the morning. Well worth a bit of time to be fuller for longer.

That post was for you Emma. 🙂

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1 Response to Breakfast – Fuller for longer

  1. Good post Lorn, been meal planning and struggling with breakfasts. Not anymore 😀😜

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