July Totals

July was a mixture of run training and recovery. I had the Thunder Run 24 at the end of the month (4 laps of a 6 mile x country course) and I was 12-9 weeks out from the Loch Ness marathon.

So I worked on long runs and frequent shorter runs, to hopefully build my endurance. And it seemed to work.

A couple of 50 mile weeks, sandwiched between a 31 mile week and a 21 mile week, the week before the event. No strength training just running, walking and rest.

July ended up being my highest mileage month. A couple of 19 milers tired me out for a few days after, and a couple of 10-13 mile long runs were added too. Saturday will be my long run day from now on rather than Sunday.

I had a few days where I did 2-3 runs in 24 hours which I’m sure helped me do the 4 laps in 24 hours ok.

Since I came back from my holidays at the end of May, I’ve seen my weight and body fat creep up slightly. A change in training (no strength) and not really thinking much about what I’m eating has probably resulted in this.

I’m going to add strength training back in, in August and September and think more about what I’m consuming (ie making better choices than chocolate and / or ice cream – it seems summer is over anyway, so maybe no more ice cream will be ok.) 😉

My training in July seemed to be having a positive impact on my vo2 Max estimate. Up to 52 the week before the Thunder Run. (Where it’s been 55 at its max, 46 at its lowest).

I’m still conscious that last year after the event, I wasn’t well – for what seemed like months. I took last week (5 days) off / total rest, then back to running on Saturday which felt ok.

After the Thunder Run this year, my vo2 Max plummeted to 46. Some of this will be to do with the difference on terrain that I’m used to (my HR higher at a slower pace = a lower vo2 Max estimate). But I’m glad to see its slightly on the increase now.

Here are my steps for July (30k from 26th July is missing as my watch went blank and lost them). The blue shows where I missed my steps target (and probably had a rest day). 470,000 steps in a month. 🙂

I’m keen to be heathy and super in August so I’m trying to make sure I take rest when I need it and eat to fuel my body too. I’m changing my breakfast to eggs, and once the kitchen is sorted, I’ll get into more of a routine with food prep again.

Breakfast: Eggs
Lunch: baked potato n tuna or baked beans on exercise days. Quiche or wrap on non exercise days.
Snacks: Berries, Melon, grapes and cheese, berries and Greek yoghurt, banana, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, milk, water. Dinner: include plenty veg (plus whatever).

I’ll try and choose one of the healthy snacks instead of chocolate. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve already posted my plans for strength training, (the workouts are above). Aiming for 2 days a week.

I did the first one yesterday, and I’m (not unexpectedly) sore today arms, legs, glutes, torso – just about everywhere except my calves and head lol. I have a feeling my next strength session will be Thursday or Friday now.

Roll on August and September. I’m looking forward to recovering and getting back into long run training mixed with strength. Loch Ness marathon on 27th September is the next event.

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