Back on strength training

Since the end of April I’ve not really been in the gym or doing strength training. I had a good run at mixing strength training with running from January – April, and my body fat got down to around 11-12% or 16lbs.

My avg lean body mass was about 112lbs over that period and my average weight was 129lbs.

Holidays in May, and only running in June and July, and my body fat % is now around 14% or 18lbs on avg, and my lean body mass is 115lbs on average. Weight 133lbs.

With 8 weeks to go until the Loch Ness marathon, I’m going to see if I can mix strength training in with my running again, to get strong and hopefully get a bit leaner too. I’ve missed strength training and it’ll be good to get back into it.

This is my first 8 session plan:

It’ll be good to get cross training in as well as running. I’ll be in the gym tomorrow morning, first thing.

Bring it on. 🙂 (lightish weights to start off)

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