Wk30 into Wk31 & 32

I had a good rest week last week. No running except for a half marathon today. Just walks to and from work, a good massage on Thursday, then an easy half marathon today (avg HR 144, garmin trading effect 3.4).

Mon-Fri: Rest
Sat: 13.1M easy
Sun: Rest

Here’s the plan for next week, 3 runs and 2-3 strength sessions. I have a feeling I might get sore as I haven’t done strength for a while, but I’ll keep the weights low. I’ll need to remember my code for the gym too… that might be a challenge…

Wc 3rd Aug
Mon: 4.5M run + strength
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh)
Wed: Strength or rest
Thu: 8M run? tbc
Fri: Rest or strength
Sat: 16-18M long run
Sun: Rest

The runs will happen too. 🙂 here’s my strength plan.

Then here’s what I’ll do the following week:

Wc 10 Aug
Mon: 4.5M run + strength
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh)
Wed: Rest (Edinburgh)
Thu: 9M run
Fri: Strength
Sat: 14M long run fast finish
Sun: Rest

And here’s Fit Girl’s training plan for the Loch Ness marathon in 8 weeks time. She’ll supplement it with strength training and spin sessions to keep her legs & glutes strong and injury free, fingers crossed.

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