Steps, massage and sleep

Last week, I did almost 140,000 steps, or an average of 20,000 steps per day. It was a 50 mile week again:

13.1 miles on Monday,
7.3 miles on Tuesday,
6.4 miles on Wednesday, then
24 miles running at the weekend at the Thunder Run 24.

(The Sunday steps didn’t record, but it was 30,000 for that day).

Now I’ve forced myself into a week of rest, Monday to Friday, see how I am Saturday. And I’m averaging just 6,000 steps a day. Walk to work, walk around work, walk home from work. Maybe a walk to the shops.

My garmin decides my steps goal based on my performance the day before, so my goal is dropping and dropping. (It’s usually around 10,000). It says I’ve still walked around 3 miles a day. 🙂

I’ll take another rest day today, where, at work I’m going to be copying and pasting about 300 letters – great fun. But very satisfying when it’s all done.

Last night I treated myself to an all over massage from Clare at Fitness Therapy Glasgow – and my oh my was it good. My hamstrings were a bit tight, but it was my neck and shoulders that were wrecked (stress?). I’m going back in three or so weeks time to get some more seeing to.

I’m hoping I’ll be back running on Saturday, an easy half marathon with Fit Girl as part of our training for the Loch Ness marathon which is about 8 weeks away.

Last thing is that I’m getting good sleeps, 8-9 hours to help my recovery.

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