Weather for the Thunder Run 24

We got here for the Thunder Run 24 at about 8pm tonight and are camping.

It was raining when we got here… But the good news is, the forecast looks ok.

The rain seems to have stopped and hopefully it’ll be s bit nicer.

I think I’m maybe running at:

1pm 6 miles
9pm 6 miles
4am 12 miles

Fingers crossed.

Here’s the proposed order:

Mike 12
Lorn 1
Billy 2
Eileen 3
Mark 4
Susan 5
Alison 6
Al 7

Mike 8
Lorn 9
Billy 10
Eileen 11
Susan 12
Alison 1
Al 2
Mike 3

Lorn 4
Billy 6
Eileen 7
Mark 8
Susan 9
Alison 10
End? Or Mike!

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