One year on… making me think

I was looking back today, at my blog from the end of July last year, and into August last year.

And, ahead of this years Thunder Run (24 hour team relay event, starting at 12 on Saturday, in Birmingham), it made me think … (and it’s one of the reasons I write a blog).

Last year, in June, I had a great half marathon run, at the Skye Half marathon – where I surprised myself with a (12 second) pb. I was feeling good.

Then I trained for the Thunder Run 24, and did it. It was great fun, a great event, but it was hard. I maybe didn’t realise just how hard. The (lack of) sleep was the worst bit. I think I might have got 3-4 hours over the weekend. It was so good though, we’re all (mostly) back for this years event.

And I was tired for the week or so after it. I took a recovery week, but then got back into training. I didn’t feel quite right, a bit nauseous, maybe like I had a viral infection? Who knows.

Anyway, I had the first leg of the John Lucas Memorial Relay to run – 10 miles, in the middle of August. And I didn’t drink water during the run. I was really dehydrated, then after it, I started a cold and felt unwell. Booooo.

Then started around 5-6 months of me feeling not quite right. I felt sick quite a bit of the time. Blood tests = all were ok. (And no I wasn’t pregnant 😉 ).

Sorry for the horrible image….

In October I fainted when I got off a bike after a short intense workout. Big black eye for 2 weeks. Booooo. Then I had to drop out of the Southside six. Boooooo again.

It was all just a bit crappy really. Maybe I broke myself a bit?

I vowed to make my health and recovery more important this year.

It all made me realise maybe I’m not so Super after all… I can overtrain and become ill, so I need to train well, rest and recover well and take care of myself (sleep, rest, food, fun).

This year I’ve learned a bit, and I’ve been taking time out more and listening to my body when I’m tired.

I’ve packed on a few lbs since then (+8-10lbs approx), my blood pressure is ok, not too low, and my vo2 Max estimate peaked at 52 the other day.

This year, (during and) after the Thunder Run, I’m going to be really careful to take a bit more care.

– During the run, I’ll be more careful to keep my heart rate down, under 150 where I can (the first run was hot, avg hr was 165!) it might mean slower runs, but we (in the team) are all ok with that.

– After, take my health and recovery serious. (Eat, drink, sleep, run, fun, time out, strength, listen). Take a break!

– Listen to how I feel after the thunder run, and increase my rest / adjust my training (get more rest and recovery when I need it).

– Take the focus off running for a bit, back to strength (with 1 long run a week, marathon prep). Mix things up a bit.

I’ve arranged a late start on the Monday after the Thunder Run… as I think I might need it.

… and I’ve got no events in August, so my focus will be on recovery and building myself back up for the Loch Ness marathon at the end of September (whilst keeping an eye on all my vitals). 🙂

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