Wk28 into Wk29

After a 50 mile week last week, which followed a 43 mile week, the week before – by the time Monday of last week ca,e around I was pretty tired. (And I knew I would be). So I’d planned at least 2 days rest, and ended up taking 3 full days of rest.

On Monday I felt not so great, I was trying to focus on work, but was finding it hard, so ended up doing practical things like moving computers for some colleagues instead (useful, but not what I usually do). Tuesday I felt a bit better and by Wednesday I thought an extra day of rest would probably do me good.

This week I got the good news that I’ve got my guaranteed place for the London marathon in 2016. I got in due to my ‘good for age’ time I did in Belfast marathon in 2014. I’ve never really fancied London, the big crowds, big city, so far away from home. But I’m glad I got in.

I’m told by many that, it’s an amazing event, and my Dad (even though he was never really a runner) always said he wished he’d done it, once in his life, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be running it for my Dad I think. 🙂 (and maybe my speedy brother Neil will be doing it too, so perhaps we could make a weekend of it.)

It did make me think, with the Loch Ness marathon at the end of September, and London in April, I now have quite a bit of marathon and long run training ahead of me in the next year. And with my performance on Monday, a tired, quivering wreck, I’d better get my training (and recovery) right. 🙂

I think a change, to do my long runs on Saturday and take Sundays as rest or walk days, will be a must. And maybe have Monday’s as rest days too. Whilst I know I’ll get used to marathon training again, I can’t afford to be a tired wreck at work every Monday! 😉

Anyway, here’s what I did last week, I listened to my body, and rested the first 3 days of the week, and even kept my mileage pretty low the rest of the week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thu: 5.1M run, early wi FG
Fri: 7M easy run (coaching), +1 mile walk at lunchtime
Sat: 9M long run wi FG
Sun: Gym strength (easy weights)

Around 21 miles running, and around 70,000 steps, or 10,000 steps a day on average. Which is still pretty good. 🙂 Look at my steps for last week: (my garmin sets the daily steps goal based on my previous activity).

Then look at the steps from my 50 mile running week, an avg of nearly 19,000 a day (131,000 a week):

I’m also tracking my sleep – part of my goal to be ‘Happy, healthy and fit’ … sleep is a good one if I don’t get my sleep, everything else seems to fall apartment, so I’m aiming for more than 8 hours a night, and 9hrs+ where possible. This sometimes means early nights, but I’m ok with that. 🙂 need to make sure I don’t turn into a pumpkin!

Here’s my sleep for the last 4 weeks (all captured via my garmin vivoactive):

The more running I do, the more I tend to need sleep and that’s shown in the week beginning the 5th July. The end of June was a blip where I couldn’t sleep one night and ended up with only 4 hours sleep one night. Not good.

And the dip just under 8 hours in the last week was because we ran at 5am on Thursday (so Fit Girl could fit her run in before her work). Sleep is a priority for me, to keep me happy and healthy, and the charting of it allows me to keep on trying to improve it.

So, onto next week. On Friday night we’re travelling down to the Thunder Run Event and camping overnight for 2 nights. I think I’ll can the long runs and focus on lots of little runs, with rest days on Thursday and Friday ahead of the event. So here goes:

Mon: 4-5M run
Tue: 2-3 x 5M runs. (am, lunchtime, pm)
Wed: 1-2 x 6M runs. (am, pm)
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest & travel
Sat: Thunder Run 24, 3-4 x 6M runs (HR running)
Sun: travel home & Recover!

I’m really enjoying running just now. Mainly taking it easy is probably making me enjoy it even more. It’s easy, and I think that’s the way it should be.

I was looking back and my three runs from the event last year, my heart rate and times, and I remember how I felt after it.

It was HARD: run 1, the heat, run 2, the darkness, run 3, the early morning and getting up to run at 4am. This year I think I’ll try to keep my HR lower, 160 max, so that I can keep my endurance up over the 3 or 4 runs I do.

After the event I’ll take some rest time, the focus on my marathon training, getting 1 strength day in a week, and making sure I get enough recovery from my running.

Today I’m away to have lunch with some good friends, and I’ll be keeping an eye on the Clyde Stride too, see how my friends Greg Beveridge and Cris Walsh get on. Have a good week everyone.

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