Wk26 into wk27

I did quite a lot of running last week… 5 run days, 43 miles, 2 runs on my own, 4 runs with other people. My highest mileage week this year so far. And my longest run today, just under 17 miles. 🙂

No strength work this week (except a little gardening on Wednesday), so I’ll do some strength tomorrow and build in hopefully 2 strength sessions next week.

Here’s what I did last week;

Mon: 5.3M run (PT coaching)
Tue: 6.4M fast finish run
Wed: Rest (gardening PM)
Thu: 4.4M base run
Fri: 10M base run
Sat: Rest
Sun: 6.2M PT coaching (+10.7 miles before)

I had good sleeps last week too, except one night, where I got about 3:30 sleep. I managed to get the rest of my nights sleep ok and had some good sleeps this weekend too.

Today I realised its 12 weeks to our Loch Ness Marathon. Fit Girl and I are running it on the 27th September.

So I got a bit of a training plan together for her, which piggy backs a bit on mine, so we can do some long runs together.

She’ll be starting from running 4 miles just now, and building her mileage, along side spin at the gym to keep strength in her legs (and hopefully keep her knee pain at bay again).

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 5M run (PT) & strength
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh)
Wed: 3x 35 min run (FG on one)
Thu: 6M base run (Twinnie)
Fri: 5M run (FG)
Sat: Gym strength
Sun: 13.1M base run (Greg)

It’s three weeks to the Thunder Run 24… and this week in going to really try to do a three times a day run. I’ve not managed it the last two weeks, but it’s hard to fit it in when I’m working.

I’m going to do most of my runs with others again, with a few on my own.

Up early tomorrow to do strength, then a wee coaching session before work. Early night for me I think. 🙂

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