GSR: 10 + 6+ long run route(s)

The weather has been a bit strange in the last week, thunder & lightning, hot but cloudy, not sunny.

I’m coaching my couple of runners tomorrow and I’m taking them on the Great Scottish Run half marathon route for a 10k easy time trial at 11:30.

And look at what the weather forecast was earlier this week:

Lucky for us it’s changed since then, instead of heavy rain, it looks like cloudy and warm (with rain later on maybe):

Here’s my plan, to get a long run in before meeting them at 11:30.

I’ll drive to our meeting point, so my car is there, then run just over 10 miles to Newton Mearns and back. Water pack and gels:

Then here’s the 10k easy time trial route:

We’ll get on the route at St Andrews drive, into Pollok Park and onto Haggs road (before the actual route turns into Bella Park), then back to our meeting point.

Here’s the full GSR half marathon route below:

You can download a pdf of the route here:

Looking forward to my first long run Sunday in a while. 🙂 17 miler-ish? Going to try to keep it easy for my first bit then see how it goes with them on their run.

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