Book: Instant Motivation

This book I’m reading, Instant Motivation by Chantal Burns, is good so far, here’s an excerpt from it:

> ‘Have you ever noticed that when your head is clear, and you’re in a lighter feeling, things seem easier, simpler be more manageable? And in this feeling state, life seems more beautiful. People are great, funny, interesting. You appreciate the small things and you feel more at ease. >
> In contrast, when your head is full and cluttered, or you’re in a low mood, things often seem more difficult or more complex. People are annoying, selfish or irritating. Life is less beautiful and feeling of appreciation are replaced with the uncanny ability to notice all that is wrong with your life, with others or the world.’

I can relate the above to someone at work this week, and even to myself over the last year. When things in life just felt a bit hard, compared to normal.

Our thoughts motivate our feelings, our moods and our behaviour.

Looking forward to reading the rest of it.

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