Excusitus 0 Me 1

There was a bit of a mental struggle for me to get up and out run king this morning. Here’s how it went.

600am Fit Girl’s alarm went off.
Excuses were coming into my head to get me out of my morning run. I could lie in or even go to work early.

I told myself I’d get up at 615am.
615am came and went.
I went downstairs and got some water and my phone.
Back to bed.

I told myself I’d get up at 630am.
I knew it was going to be a nice sunny day, ideal conditions for running in the morning. But still, I didn’t get up.
I was lying there trying to tell myself I’d feel great during and after it.

630am came and I thought, maybe I could do a lunchtime run?
So I logged into my work calendar and there were no meetings. Then I looked at the weather on my phone.
It was going to be RAOSTING at lunchtime. :-/. No good.

8 miles seemed like a big chunk to bite off, so maybe I could run 4 or 5? So I said I’d get up at 645am, and out the door for 7am.
Finally, I just said to myself, ‘stop being a lazy ba$tard’ and I got up.

So I was out the door just before 7am.
I planned 8 miles, but was enjoying it half way through so did 10 miles instead.

I should really learn just to go and enjoy it!

10 miles done anyway. 🙂 Excusitus 0 Me 1.

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