Front Garden Project – so far

Note: I know this is a health and fitness blog and this post is about gardening (!!) but it’s a biddy bit of my life, hence this post – for me to remember what it was like before and after… 🙂

So here is our front garden project… This little front bit, used to have a big green bush in it, but we got it taken out a few months ago.

Here’s the area / big bush behind me, last autumn, (I was standing in the morning sun, one Saturday here I think.)

North is behind me, so the sun sets on the left of the photo and streams into the area with the bush in it. So the front garden gets sun from about 3pm onwards. And we thought we could do something nice with it.


We took the big bush out of it (or we paid a man to…)… and now here’s the plan:

A seating area / small decking area with bench (maybe an arbour), with a path leading up to it.

Surrounded by stone chipping on the ground (purple and yellow/gold), a couple of flower beds and a few trees and plants. A small fence to shade / hide us from the neighbours.

And a bird table hopefully too. 😀 anyone got a good one they’d recommend?

I spent a few hours the other day hacking away at roots and levelling it all off (upper workout ands half), and I was sore for about 3 days after lol).

Here’s my shopping list for my garden… quite a long one:
– purple slate chippings (2.5mx2.5mx4cm)
– golden chippings (1.5mx1.5mx4cm)
– 5 bags of sharp sand
– 1 small bag of cement
– bricks for the side of the path
– a nice bird table
– a small plynth for the bench to sit on (Scott to build)
– trees, 2 green, 2 red
– plants, hostas and heucheras (like Liz suggested), and bedding plants.
– something to build 2 raised gardens – either bricks or wood.
– compost for planters.
– (maybe an arbour one day, but I’ll use my bench just now.)

Already got the fence, and the bits for the path, and I laid the weed membrane for under the chippings / raised seating area, tonight.


It’s getting there. I’m hopefully going to get the stone chippings, sand and concrete from Gerry at Jordanhill Garden Supplies to help finish it off.

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