Wk22-24 into Wk25

I’ve not written weekly summaries for a bit, but I have been keeping a track of my training… and have been planning it and changing it accordingly.

Week 22 / wc 1 Jun
Mon: 4.5M fast finish (last mile) run
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh, 5M walk)
Wed: Strength (full body)
Thu: 6M easy / base run (wi Eileen)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8M long run
Sun: Rest

Around 3-4 runs a week, 1 strength session and 2 rest days. And bits of walking here and there. It’s been working well.

Week 23 / wc 8th Jun
Mon: Rest
Tue: am 7M base run / pm 3.3M base run
Wed: Rest
Thu: 7M fast finish (last mile) run
Fri: 10M long run, fast finish (2.5 miles)
Sat: Strength (full body)
Sun: Rest

I started my 2 runs a day but I didn’t quite manage the same distance morning and night. My mileage that week was good though, 4 runs, around 27 miles. And gym strength on the Saturday to finish off a good week.

Week 24 / wc 15th June
Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M fast finish (last mile) run
Wed: Rest (PT strength / tabatas)
Thu: 2x 6M runs (am/pm)
Fri: Rest (full body massage!)
Sat: Rest (in the garden a bit)
Sun: Rest (bday!)

Then this last week, it’s been a bit of a quiet one… 3 runs across 2 days, plus an hour of PT strength where I was watching (form) rather than doing, which was fine.

The double run on Thursday was good, 6 miles in the morning, 6 miles at night. It was ok, but the next day I was a bit tired, so I’ll always aim to have a rest day after I do double or triple run days.

I had a really good 1.5 hour massage from Clare on Friday night. I was sore on my shoulders and legs a bit during and after it, but I’m fresh as a daisy now. Then a long weekend full of rest, sleep, eating and recovery. Just what I needed.

Next week was in the plan was a rest and recovery week, but I’ve done it a week early, so I’m going to plough on with effort this coming week.

Week 24 / wc 22nd Jun
Mon: Rest (on leave)
Tue: am 9M fast finish run
Wed: Full body strength
Thu: 3x 4M – am / lunch / pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: 12M long base run
Sun: Rest (gardening?)

I might do the longer run on Tuesday morning but I’ll see. (That might mean getting up at 530am which I might not be good at after a long weekend off!)

These last few days I’ve been getting some great sleeps, between 9-10 hours which has been nice.

Top that off with the massage and some nice walks yesterday, some good food, and some gardening on Saturday, and a lot of being spoilt on Sunday and today, and it’s been a good long weekend.

Now I have a plan of doing up my front garden too. It’s still very much in the early stages, but I can see Sundays now becoming ‘gardening’ days for a bit, whilst I / we do it up.

The other day I spent a few hours cutting down some bushes. And the weekend before I did a rough plan… for a nice sheltered sitting area, with an arbour, raised gardens, trees and maybe a wooden bridge / path, over a gravel rainbow. TBC. We’ll see.

First things first is to get a fence panel up to hide the area, then get done top soil etc.

It’s now 4 full weeks to the Thunder Run 24, so I’ll pick up the training anyway and get myself used to 3 runs a day (once a week) and some long runs too.

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