Keeping gadgets charged up

Do you ever suffer from ‘decharge’ syndrome…? (It’s a word I’ve made up and it means: )

> ‘You’re about to go on your run, and you get to your Garmin / iPod and the battery is dead.’

Aaaaaaagghhhh!!! It’s almost my worst nightmare! 😉 (ha).

I cringed last night when someone was telling me:

> ‘I forget to charge my Garmin, then I get to it the next day and it’s dead, so I can’t use it for my run. It’s because I come in from a run and just plonk my Garmin down. Then when I’m looking for it to run with the next time, it’s away down at 24%, and there’s no point in running with it.’

I’ve got lots of gadgets, too many perhaps, but they’re usually nearly always charged.

If it (a run or activity) ain’t recorded on Garmin, it didn’t happen – right? 😉

So I’m a bit particular about always having my garmin(s) charged and always running with them (even if I don’t look at them on the run). They record the activity. My phone and iPod usually always has a charge too.

So how can you make sure your gadgets are alway charged?
I used to charge my phone in my bedroom every night, but I realised I was on it when I shouldn’t be, and decided that it wasn’t healthy, and that it would be better to put it on charge downstairs every night instead.
So I set up a small charging station in our livingroom. Hidden behind our sideboard, out of the way, so no one will notice it. Blutacked up to the back of the sideboard for easy access, with a switch to turn it on or off. 🙂

It could be that the wires could go up into a drawer so the devices are hidden away, but this does just fine for me.

A socket with my Garmin Vivoactive and iPhone chargers in it.

Then for my Garmin 620, iPod and my fuel band, the wires are connected to my computer with easy access to charge them when I need to.

Easy peasy. Nice and tidy and organised.

However I’ve just realised I might have caught some of Fit Girl’s OCD. Ah well. Works for me. 🙂

Could it work for you?

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