Fuzzy head fuzzy eyes

I was walking to work this morning.
And I felt a little gubbed.
Recovery is part of my plan, so when I feel like this, I stop and take time out. 🙂

This morning was:
Fuzzy head, fuzzy eyes – feeling a bit fatigued.
And I knew why:

less sleep that I needed + lots of running yesterday (2×6 mile runs) = tired Lorn

I’ve not done a review of my weekly training in a bit, but I’ve been keeping a track of it.

I’ve also been using my Garmin Vivoactive to record my hours of sleep.

13th: 10 hrs 1 min (incl nap!)
14th: 9:49
15th: 8:27

It was all going well until Monday, then I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep (for thinking about work) so I got up.

16th: 6:14

17th: 5:29

Same again, but this time I got up to run early too. :-/

18th: 7:20

Getting a bit better, but not quite up to 8:30-9:30 that I want.

Then last night I got a good 8:40 sleep… and that included a lie in til 7:30am / rest day.

My sleep this week has simply not been good enough. So I’ve felt tired (duh!!) And I’m going to take some time out this weekend to have some down time, some fun (and maybe some cake!) and some happy things.

I’m off for a massage tonight at Fitness Therapy Glasgow, then I’ll be back to training when I feel well rested. (Maybe Tuesday, earlier if I fancy it).

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