Motivation to …

Someone asked me the other day where I get my motivation from.

We were talking about what I was up to and I said I was running 10 miles before breakfast the next day. I love running / training in the morning and often make time for it, knowing it’s the best time for me to train.

I run regularly, 3-5 times a week and regularly strength train too. What was once left to me to be motivated, has now become an addictive habit that’s second nature to me.

Here’s reasons why I do it, running, strength training and being active:

– For health.

– For happiness (and endorphins).

– To be fit and strong (and help me lift shopping and chase my nieces and nephews).

– To be able to climb stairs without being out of puff.

– To get the (usually busy) roads and parks to myself.

– To see stunning cityscapes & parks & wildlife as the sun comes up.

– To set myself up for the day.

– To get time on my own (and listen to tunes).

– To get time with others / be social / help others.

– To work through my thoughts.

– So that I can eat eat eat whatever I want.

– To help me to believe I can achieve anything.

– Because Fit Girl is fit and enjoys it / motivates me too.

– To (have fun and) compete in events.

Lots and lots of reasons to get me up early and out for a run or into the gym to strength train. 🙂

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