Wk22 into Wk23

My first full week back training last week and I ended up taking 3 days rest, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Reasonable for a first week back to it after 3-4 weeks off training.

My running is going ok, although my VO2 Max estimate / fitness has dropped to 49 (from 51) and the 8 mile run on Saturday in the wind and on the hills was a bit challenging. But I managed it.

I can totally feel a difference in my fitness, but I know the more I train (and rest and recover) the more my fitness will return.

I’m looking forward to my vo2 Max steadily increasing as the weeks go on, my peak was 55, so I’ve got a long way to go.

Here’s what I did last week, 3 runs, 1 strength session, 3 rest days and some walking:

Mon: 4.5M fast finish (last mile) run
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh, 5M walk)
Wed: Strength (full body)
Thu: 6M easy / base run (wi Eileen)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8M long run
Sun: Rest

I’m still not back to my full fitness I’d say, and the strength workout on Wednesday more or less incapacitated me for Friday and Saturday (but I still managed to do an ouchy 8 miler on Saturday, which felt ok.

Now for next week’s plan:

Mon: Rest
Tue: am 45 min base run / pm 40 min base run
Wed: Strength (full body)
Thu: 45 mins fast finish (last mile) run
Fri: 35 mins hills
Sat: 10M long run, fast finish (2.5 miles)
Sun: Rest

My Garmin suggested 68 hours rest from lunchtime on Saturday, so rest Sunday, Rest Monday, run Tuesday morning should be enough I’d say.

It’s a little embarrassing to say my legs / quads are still a little sore from (my first strength session since April) Wednesday night (and it’s Sunday now), so I’ll need to ease back into it still next week I’d say.

I’m going to stick with 1 full body strength workout next week, on Wednesday again, and due to the pain I had this week, I’ll lower the weights a bit for it. Maybe even do some bodyweight stuff as part of it.

I was squatting around 36kg, deadlifting 46kg and pushing 26kg on the bar last week, so I’ll reduce that this week, by -10kg each. (So I don’t break myself again). There’s plenty time to add weight to my workouts.

I’ll do 4-5 runs, with Tuesday being my first day I run twice a day (building up to running 3 times a day in preparation for the Thunder run 24, 3 runs in 24 hours). I’ll do a morning 5-6 mile run and a lunchtime or evening 4-5 mile run.

Thursday night I’m out to the cinema to see Spy and Friday night I’m going to see my little niece in concert. My runs those days will either be in the morning or at lunchtimes.

At the weekend, I’ll decide if I’m running or resting on the Saturday or not, and I’ll do the opposite on Sunday. Just depends how I feel.

This weekend I had some good sleeps, 9 hours then a 1.5 hour nap and a 9:30 hr sleep on Saturday night so I’m well rested.

I’m going to try to get some good sleeps in next week too. I was well fed too this weekend… Fillet steak and pudding on Saturday night (after my run, after my nap, thanks Dad, Yum.)

I’m driving home today, and spending some q time wi Fit Girl hopefully (along with some food prep later, for the week ahead).

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