Holidays are over…

I had a great time in Vegas and Vancouver in May… now I’m over my jet lag and back into routine, and I thought I’d post some links and pics to summarise it (for those who want to see them). Two very different cities indeed.

We had 7 nights in Vegas and 7 nights in Vancouver – lots of fun, lots of walking and sight seeing and lots of EATING too.  🙂

My favourite thing in Las Vegas is a toss up between the sky dive, the Helicopter trip to Grand Canyon and just the grandeur of it all.  Big hotels, big everything – and the weather was pretty sweet too.

skydiving pic


For the sky dive, 15,000ft up in a plane, tied to a man called Warren… then we jumped out of the plane and in around 3-5 minutes plummeted to the ground…. I travelled at up to 125mph…. the parachute opened and we went around and around.  I tried every so hard to take it all in.

skydivingsplitsWhat an experience… until 30 seconds before landing…when I got water rush… and felt very sick indeed.  I managed to focus on the ground and landing and kept myself from being sick – right up to the end… bum on the ground… and barrrf.  😉

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The helicopter trip over Hoover Dam and into the Grand Canyon was special too.  🙂

Vancouver was a whole other kettle of fish – the kind of city we love.  Lots to see and do.  🙂  Lots and lots of walking around downtown and the south of downtown, a couple of days cycling – seeing Stanley Park and around the City.  A city tour, Robson Street, the Queen Elizabeth Park, shopping, eating, park, Granville Island…. just how we like it. And the weather was good too – 25’C most days, with about 2 spots of rain one day.

It’s safe to say I’d go back to Vancouver any time.  🙂 See the links and pics for more.

No training whatsoever when we were away – no running, no strength training. Almost 3 weeks of walking, sightseeing, eating lots and leisurely cycling a few days.  I’ve already written about my weight (going down) and body fat (going up slightly) … just shows you what a change in activity can do. 🙂

And let me tell you – I’m back to training this week – I settled into running fine – the first one was a bit sore, but ok after that.  However, the strength training on Wednesday appears to have disabled me slightly lol.  Sore legs, but I know it will get better.  🙂 Looking forward to picking my training up some more (running)  and strength training.  Maybe Summer will decide to be nicer to us too?


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