Summer Strength 2015

I want to focus on running more, so I’m going to have my strength side lined a bit for it. I’ll still strength train, hopefully twice a week.

On Wednesdays I’ll do lower / leg weights and on Saturday I’ll do upper / torso / arm weights. That’s the loose plan anyway.

The idea is I do my legs on Wednesday to give them time to recover before my long run at the weekend. And upper body on Saturdays (or maybe Fridays) so my legs aren’t wrecked for my long runs.

I’ll have a full body strength workout to do too. I’ve learned that 2 strength sessions a week are enough for me, so I’ll do 2 of the following workouts (or maybe 1 if I’m sore or tired!).

Full body workout
(3 sets of 10 reps)
– Barbell Squat
– Barbell Deadlift

(3 sets of 10 reps)
– Squat to Press
– Single Arm Press (es)
– Single Leg Deadlift (el)
– Single Arm Row (es)
– Reverse Lunges (el)

(3-5 sets of 10 reps or 30-40 secs)
– Press ups / Plank
– Suicide Dips / Squat Kicks

Lower Strength
(Various sets / reps)

Main set
– Squat
– Reverse Lunges
– Deadlift
– Step ups

– Romanian Deadlifts
– Bent Over Row
– Box Jumps (if in gym)
– Press ups
– Squat to Press

Upper Strength

(Various sets / reps)

Main set

– Bent Over Row
– Bench Press / Press up
– Shoulder Press
– High Pull / Lat Pull Down

– Goblet Squat
– Clean n Press left
– Sledgehammer
– Clean n Press right
– Romanian Deadlift to Row

Tonight I did my first strength session some mid April (the full body one above).

So I have a feeling I may be sore tomorrow. Eeeek. We have to start somewhere!

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