Careless idiot…

Did you hear about the idiot who was away on holiday and traded in her old Bose earphones at the airport and got a lovely shiny new red pair of Bose ones for a great price?

She used them once, and then left them and her iPod … (that she uses EVERY DAY)… in the hotel room in Las Vegas? 😦

Waaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaa 😦

Yep. Me. I did it. And I’m missing my music. I realised how much today.

It’s ok though. The hotel found my Bose earphones and my iPod in ‘lost and found’ so they’re on their way back to me (in the post). Phew. (Long story, but I’m getting it back!)

I did a run on my own yesterday, without music, and it was weird.

Then on the walk to the train station and on the train home, I’m listening to my music from my phone and on my iPhone earphones.

Music is so good for you… and audiobooks too. 🙂 I can’t wait to get my earphones and iPod back!

Music helps make me feel GOOD. Hurry up mr postman!

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