Wk22 and back to my training

After around three weeks off training, I’m ready to get back to it. 🙂

My first run for ages on Friday told me (with the burning feeling in my throat as I ran) that I’ve lost some fitness, but I’m sure in no time I’ll get back to building it up just fine. And the extended rest from training will have given my body a lot of good.

I’m generally going to take Mondays as a rest day, but next week I’m in Edinburgh with work on Tuesday. A long work day with a train commute, I’ll make it my rest day (with around 4 miles of walking between doors and train stations).

With my new Garmin vivoactive I’ve enjoyed working with it and shifted my mindset to steps to show my activity. I’ll do a summary post about May soon, but my steps for May (around 15,000 a day on average) show that although I wasn’t running, I was still active (with walking / sight seeing mainly).

The days I didn’t meet target where usually travel days and more recently now that I’m back and trying to get back to normal (jet lag etc).

Here’s what I’m planning training wise next week:

Mon: 5M fast finish (last 5 mins) run
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh)
Wed: Strength (lower)
Thu: 5-7M easy / base run
Fri: 35 min intervals run, 10,10×1:1,5.
Sat: Strength (upper)
Sun: 8M long run

You’ll see the detail of my training plan below. Partly based on Matt Fitzgerald’s Half Marathon and Marathon training book, I’ll aim to keep within the heart rates below in my training.

I’m aiming for 3-4 runs each week:
1 long
1 fast finish
1 base (easy)
1 interval

And two strength sessions:
1 upper strength
1 lower strength

And 1 (to 2) rest days depending on how I’m feeling.

Training will happen in the mornings, and I’m still trying to nail my sleep to get 8.5-9.5 hours sleep a night. This should be a main focus just now whilst I’m getting into training. I need my sleep. 🙂

Last thing before I go. I had a nice time at my friend’s wedding at Edinburgh castle on Saturday.

The sun shone all day and I upper my game to try to look like a girl (again). Sparkly Heels, dress and make up. I even had my hair done. 😉

I had a good day, and ended up with sore muscles (at the top of the outside of my hip flexors) from the heels (kept them on all night, even danced in them). Tootsies were ok though.

I’m swapping it all for my Garmin, hrm, trainers and shorts tomorrow though. Legs still oot, just in a different way. Phew. 😉

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