No sleep? Here’s a blog about numbers & %

I woke up early again today, unable to get back to sleep, so I figured I’d get up and do something constructive. I’m waking up around 1am, then lying for ages, trying all the things I know to do to try to get back to sleep and thinking way too much about nothing and everything. This time I just got up instead. (I’ll not go on too much about it, but safe to say I’m going to get this sorted!)

If you want to, You can search ‘Ping 2:36am‘ on in the search bar on here if you want a recap of his I’m feeling lying there, wide awake in bed! It’s frustrating lying there, for the third night in a row, knowing that you want to improve your sleep, but waking up mid sleep (again!!) I’ll do better!

Anyway, something I read said if you can’t sleep it’s a good idea to get up and do something relaxing that you enjoy, so I thought I’d write a wee blog post…

Here’s what 3 weeks of a change of what we (Fit Girl and I) did (training wise) and what we ate (eating wise)… did to our bodies.

We had a great holiday, no training, but plenty of activity, sight seeing, walking and some leisurely cycling.

We lost weight, but when you look into more of the detail for both of us, most of the weight was lean body mass, and (unsurprisingly) we put on a little bit of body fat, each.

With almost three weeks of no training, and eating like we were on holiday (pizza, ice cream, burgers, hot dogs, pancakes, eggs etc!!!):

– Training: going from running and strength training 4-6 times a week, to walking about an average of 15,000 steps a day and getting lots of sleep.

– Eating: going from regular, usually pretty healthy meals and snacks, with the odd blowout, to eating 2-3 meals a day (pancakes / eggs for breakfast), pizza, burgers, hot dogs, curries, ice cream, curries) and treats (in the form of American candy usually!), plus lots of water.

(Note: I realise our body fat % are probably not that low, but I find the withings athlete mode on the scale I use is closer to the body fat % we are, rather than the normal mode. I compare it all on the same mode, so it’s the comparison numbers that count the most to me.)


On 11th May my stats on Withings athlete mode were:

Weight 134.5 lbs Body fat % 12.7%

Body fat lbs 17.1, lean body mass lbs 117.4

27th May my stats on Withings athlete mode were:

Weight 131.8 lbs Body fat % 14.3%

Body fat lbs 18.8, lean body mass lbs 113.0

So I lost almost 3lbs of weight

– I added 1.7lbs of fat, and lost 4.4lbs of lbm.

Fit Girl

On 27 April FG’s stats on Withings athlete mode were:

Weight 111.4 lbs Body fat % 14.6%

Body fat lbs 16.3, lean body mass lbs 95.1

On 28 May FG’s statson Withings athlete mode were:

Weight 107 lbs Body fat % 16.9%

Body fat lbs 18.0, lean body mass lbs 89.0

So FG lost 4.4lbs of weight

– FG added 1.7lbs of fat, and lost 6.1lbs of lbm.

We both put on 1.7lbs body fat (interesting it’s the same!)

I lost almost 3lbs, 4.4lbs lbm.

FG lost 6.1lbs lbm, or 4.4lbs in total.

I’m always interested to see how a change in what we do can effect weight and body mass. It’s strange how we both added the same lbs of body fat, and perhaps FG had more lbm to lose? (She is called Fit Girl for a reason) ;-). 

FG and I usually do lose weight when we go on big holidays, but as above, it’s probably not the kind of weight we’d prefer to lose (lbm, due to a reduction in training), and usually our fat lbs increase. (Just shows you that it’s important to check your body fat % / lbm as well as the weight on the scale when trying to lose weight.)

My weight has changed as above, and apparently my blood pressure is now around 124/74… So higher than it was (and more normal) when I was training.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens now, and once I’m back to my normal training, eating and routine. Better get some sleep!! :-O

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