My new ROAD-ID

Today I got delivery of my new Road ID. 🙂

(I’ve blacked out some of the contact details)

I run a lot, and I’m always crossing roads. And it would be my worse nightmare if anything happened when I was out …

… it’s hit home a few times recently, with the runner guy who collided with a bike (and died!) and another guy who got run over.

I’ve also had a few close calls, the one I remember was at 25 miles into my glasgow marathon pb effort, I was gubbed and not paying attention as much as I could have been, and it could have ended differently, but I managed to see the car before I crossed the road.

Better to be safe than sorry. And I got different coloured bands for it too. It’ll replace my ice tag that’s attached to my keys (and is worn so you can’t read it now).

If you want to get yourself one, they gave me a coupon for $1 off. The code is only good until 3/6/2015 and for 5 people. So don’t wait too long if you want to use it.

Use this link to get the discount:

I ordered the slim one, in a small medium size and it fits me fine (you order it online and it ships from the USA for around £20 in total).

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