Two very different cities – Vegas vs Vancouver


After a week in Las Vegas, it’s easy to understand why over 2/3rds of the U.S. population are overweight or obese.  (35% are obese, 69% are overweight or obese).

A week in Las Vegas then a week in Vancouver, and I really noticed a big difference.

Perhaps this is an unfair comparison, as Las Vegas is the party city, where everything is grand – from the hotels to the food, to the gambling and the drinking…

…but Vegas and Vancouver – two holidays in two very different places, really brought the differences in culture home to me.


Here’s what I observed in Las Vegas and Vancouver:

– Massive food portions (easily enough for 2)
– Sugar to eat everywhere, or sugar in everything
– Big family sized bags of anything
– Fizzy full fat juice

– Escalators everywhere (up and along)
– Trams / Buses everywhere
– The thought of walking anywhere was odd (ok it was hot, but still) – concierge
– Obese people on electronic scooters (a lot)


People so large they didn’t want to walk anywhere (possibly understandably).

It felt like everything they should be doing for health, they were doing the opposite.

There was even a place called the Heart Attack Grill – where people who weigh more than 350lbs (around 25 stone) – they eat for FREE.  And the owners boast about how they’re being honest with the unhealthy food they serve as being what America wants…. eeeeeek.

Put simply – Las Vegas : Eating far too much and not moving enough.

Then fast forward to a week in Vancouver, Canada – an amazing city.
(23% are overweight, 59% are overweight or obese – not that far behind, but what a difference in cultures and food).


– Normal food portions, chicken, eggs, salad, veg, nuts
– Healthy, government signed off food vendors on the street
– Fruit (melon grapes pine apple) served with breakfast
– Water fountains available for drinking water

– A complete set of major cycle routes all through out the city and bike hire everywhere
– Complimentary coaches to beauty spots
– Loads of people out walking and running, morning, lunchtimes, evenings

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES– Hardly any obese people, instead people walking, running or on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades.

Two very different cities and two very different cultures all together.

I know which one I’d prefer to live in.  😀  (Vancouver)… but then I probably wouldn’t be able to gamble, smoke and drink and see as many shows in Vancouver as I would in Las Vegas (if I fancied it).

Saying that – I’m glad I went to both. 😀

(Oh and FYI – Scotland 2013 – 27.1% obese, 64.6% overweight or obese)

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