I’m going to Sleep

I posted the other day about how I’m going to try to get between 8.5-9.5 hours sleep a night.

Last night wasn’t good sleep wise and I’m going to do something about it to get back to normal. As a result I feel pretty crappy. :-/

I’ve been listening to this audiobook, Night School, and it’s just reinforcing to me, how important sleep is and how I need to get it nailed to be healthy.

Sleep is possibly more important than anything else (training, nutrition etc), so I’m going to get it right. I hate lying awake for hours trying to get to sleep.

Last night after along sleep on Tuesday night, I woke at 1am and didn’t get back to sleep until about 5am. I got about 6 hours sleep, but needed to reset my body clock for going back to work on Friday, so got up for half 8 / 9am.

Today I’m going to fix it.

– A relaxing day, no caffeine after noon.
– A few walks (no naps!)
– Reading and spending time wi Fit Girl.
– Later on, before bed, a bath with this lavender bath essence.

– Then some of this lavender spray too.
(And no gadgets / blogging after 830pm.)

Hopefully I’ll get to sleep and stay asleep until morning when I’ll start my work routine (and an early morning run too).

Fingers crossed it all works. Jet lag be gone!

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