Time to come home…

I’ve had a good two weeks out… walking and exploring lots, no running, no training, and eating whatever I wanted. Good fun had. 🙂 I’ve had a great time.

I have no idea what the scale will say when I’m back (and I don’t really care)… but what I do know is that I’m going to ease back into training when I’m back, then in June and July I’m going to build my training back up again (see plan below).


This week, I’ll start up running again (Thursday, Friday, Sunday – little easy ones)… and on Saturday I’ll play in the gym for a bit. Light weights. Maybe I’ll rest Friday, depending on how I’m feeling.

I’m going to mix up what I’m eating too, I’m hopefully going to be eating more, to support my training. More carbs anymore fruit and veg most probably.

Jet lag usually breaks me … we’re leaving Vancouver at 9pm tonight, so I’ll try to sleep on the plane… But then we get in to Heathrow at about 1pm tues, which may be about 5 in the morning in my head. Then we’ll travel up to Glasgow where it’ll be about 430pm Tues when we get in.

I have no idea how to get over jet lag except for SLEEP and set my watch to home time as soon as I get on the plane. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve had a good break and I’m looking forward to getting back to simple enjoyable things when I’m back (eat, train, sleep, smile, have fun).

Anyway. I’m up for pancakes for breakfast today. Yahoo.

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