I’ve been thinking whilst I’m on holiday… what’s one of the most important thing to me… ?

One of the most important things to me (that I don’t take for granted) is my health / being healthy. I want to be a healthy and happy athlete. 🙂

I’ll go into this in a bit more detail, my Why I want to do this, and my How and my What I’ll do to support it, but in the meantime, here’s some lines to live by:

H is for Healthy – healthy body, healthy mind, healthy eating, healthy life.

E is for Eating Well – optimally fuel and hydrated for health and performance.

A is for Activity – being active with exercise and non exercise activity (15k steps a day avg).

L is for Learning – always learning and reading to improve understanding and self.

T is for Training and Recovery – including running, walking strength, rest and a good sleep routine.

H is for Happy and Helping people – doing things that make me happy and helping people too.

Y is for Yes – I can do this, and so can you too. 🙂

Finally, if you haven’t read, Start with Why, by Simon Sinek, I’d recommend it. 😀

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