Summer Training Plan 2015

I’m on my holidays just now, but before I went away I got together a training plan to get me back into training. I’m going to focus more on running, 3-4 run days a week, maybe more runs if I do a couple (or 3) a day (close to the Thunder Run 24 HR run). I’m training towards the Thunder Run 24 at the end of July (2 months training, building UK my mileage, fitness and endurance)… …and then the Loch Ness marathon at the end of September (2 more months continuing my build and getting in my long runs too). Here’s my weekly plan, fitting in 3-5 runs, 2 strength and / or HIIT sessions and 1-2 rest days. Mon: Rest Tue: Intervals or Hill runs Wed: Lower Strength / HIIT Thu: 1 / 2 or 3 runs Fri: Fast finish run (or rest) Sat: Upper Strength / HIIT Sun: Long run Here’s the daily plan, (I’ll be using heart rate for most of my running training.) Mon: Rest day Tue: Intervals or Hills Wed: Lower Strength Thu: Base run or 2 or 3 runs a day Here’s the 2 or 3 runs a day (and some fast finishes): Fri: Fast Finish Sat: Upper Strength Sun: Long Run Or long run fast finish My strength days will be Wednesday and Saturday. Here’s my strength training plan – 3 simple workouts.

I was doing strength training 3 times a week, but it’ll take s back seat now that I’ll be focussing more on running. Lower weights on Wednesday, and Upper weights on Saturday before long run Sunday (I don’t want sore legs before that). This is the sort of HIIT I could do: Or even as simple as, 4-5 exercises, repeated: 1. Squat or box jumps 2. Sledgehammer or KB Swing 3. Press up or Mountain Climbers 4. High Pull or Plank Walk Ups 5. Clean n Press left / right Something along those lines. 🙂 I’m back at the end of May and I’ll restart my training in the first week in June. In the meantime I’m enjoying taking some time out on holiday in the sun. 😀

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