Wk18 into rest weeks

I wrote this on the plane. We got here safely…. Here’s a run down if my training last week – I spent the last 2 weeks not strength training, only running and walking. I’d lost the focus or importance of strength training and felt like I needed a break from it.

I’ve been strength training around 2-3 times a week since the start of the year, and since I’m away on holiday, where I will only do walking, cycling and the odd run (sight seeing mainly), around 4-5 weeks off strength training will be good to give my body a rest.

These last few months have been interesting for me. A more focused effort on strength training seems to have led to something rich I thought was near impossible (for me) – fat loss and lean mass increase. Looks like less focus on running, more eating and more strength training has helped get the results I’ve got.

3lb fat loss and 6-7lb increase in lean mass. Or so the scales show. If I’m honest I don’t feel much different. I’m still running though, and keeping the running long up (8, 10, 13 miles), until I completed my most recent half marathon on Sunday (10th May).

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 4M walk
Tue: 6.2M walk (train stations etc)
Wed: 8.2M run
Thu: 6M run in the morning, 6.2M walk in the evening
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest (and get ready for holiday)
Sun: 13.1M run (last half HR 165+)

Plenty of activity and a few good rest days too.

Last week was around 16-17 miles walking, plus around 5 miles walking too and from work. And around 27-28 miles running. Lots of steps! Around 15k on average per day. 🙂

I like to see a day when I don’t hit my goal, as I know I’ve had an easy day that day (Friday). Even Saturday I did around 8000 steps, walking around the shops. Easy peasy. Running is the key to getting lots of steps!

My last long run of my 4 weeks training cycle was another half marathon. The last one of done, was around 3 weeks ago before work. I’d taken it easy then and finished in around 1:52. (End times and splits below)

I was going to do the same route again but Fit Girl wanted to join me on this one, so I did half and half on the north and south side of the city – with a stop off half way.

I ran nice and easy the first half, in around 57-58 minutes… then left Fit Girl, plugged in my headphones with Florence and the Machine on, and pushed my HR up to 165.

It all resulted in a much faster pace, and a much harder run. But I was up for it. I had my water pack and my SIS gels. It’s weird the things that go through your mind when you’re running hard on your own, compared to when you’re running easy. I know for sure I didn’t take much in. It was more about keeping going strong and finishing, than anything else. A fight and not much fun until it’s finished.

But I did it. The second half was run in around 50-51 minutes with my heart rate between 165-173. Mile 12 was up the hills in Pollok park, so the pace slowed as a result, HR still around 165. I got to the last mile and I kept pushing, downhill til I got to 13.1. It was just above my half marathon on pace. 🙂

A nice result considering when I come back I’m going to focus more on my running. Believe it or not, I have my training plan for June into July (Thunder Run 24) and August into September (Loch Ness Marathon) all written up and ready to go. 3-4 runs a week, 2 strength, 1-2 rest days. 🙂 I’ll publish it soon.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my VO2 Max estimate on my Garmin 620. It was at its peak at 55 in May last year ahead of the Belfast Marathon. Then it went down from then… recovery, the Skye half marathon pb, then from August to the end of the year illness brought it down some more.

This year it’s picked up again, up to 52 and more recently to 51. I really feel a difference in my fitness and its a good measure for me to use.

My goal in the next 5-6 months (after my holiday) before Loch Ness Marathon is to train to build up my fitness and vo2 Max too. Get really fit and healthy. 🙂

That’s about me. I’m away now, got on the plane with my two favourite cats and FG.

I’m not sure how much I’ll post when I’m away, as if like it to be a time where I switch off a bit and really enjoy the moment. But we’ll see. :-).

Here are my plans:

Las Vegas on 11th May
Sky dive on 13th May
Grand Canyon helicopter trip 15th May
Vancouver on 18th May


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