Sky diving in Las Vegas…

It was a nice day for a Sky Dive in Las Vegas today. We were up early and picked up at 7am.

I have to admit I did have butterflies for a bit beforehand… and the waiting around didn’t help much. But I was up for it.

We did our sky diving with Las Vegas Extreme Sky diving. I jumped out the plane with Warren, and Fit Girl jumped out with a guy called Brian.

See the elevation chart, we flew up to around 15,200 feet… and there were three tandem jumps happening. Fit Girl was first out and was surprisingly calm and controlled.

The next person jumped, then it was my turn… We went up to the opening in the plane, I looked up to the sun, tucked my legs under and then we jumped.

It was scary as anything but I was trying to take everything in…. Free falling for about half of the way… then Warren realised the parachute (thankfully). We went around and around a bit… It was cool. Still taking everything in.

Then not far from the ground… I started to feel sick…. Oh no…water rush and everything… I told Warren, but I managed to keep it down. When we landed I sat on the ground and was sick, just a little. Lol

It was good fun, and I’m glad I did it – but now I just need to stop feeling sick. 🙂

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