Half marathon again…

Just over 3 weeks ago I went out and did a half marathon. Not an event, no pressure, just up early one morning and I ran 13.1 miles: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2015/04/16/spring-half-marathon-in-the-sun/

I wasn’t bothered about beating it that day, and I nearly cut it short at 4 miles. I still had a really good run and enjoyed it. Avg HR 154, max HR 164. 🙂

It was a lovely morning, clear and cold. Moon in the east as the sun came up over Glasgow.

Now tomorrow I’m going to do the same route, if I can remember it.

Squinty bridge, squigley bridge, Gorbals, Victoria road, nithsdale, terregles, Maxwell park, St. Andrews drive, Pollok via the golf club entrance, loop, past the cows, out the park, Bellahouston park, over the m8, Loren street. 🙂 easy peasy.

I’ll have my water pack on again, and I’ll have porridge for breakfast, and have done energy gels (2) on the run. I’ll run to my heart rate again.

The weather for tomorrow is looking ideal, if a little cloudy or rainy. Nothing a cap won’t fix.

Looking forward to it. My last long run / run before I go on my adventures (where I won’t be doing much running, I’ll be doing plenty walking, cycling and sight seeing tho).

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