Steps to motivate me…

It’s funny the things that help with motivation.

This year I’ve found that I’ve really struggled to be motivated to get out of my bed early to run (6 or 630am early I mean).

I’ve resorted to making sure I’m running with someone else, to force myself out of bed. :-S

The chat and chance to be social is much more benefit than just getting out of my bed early, it’s good to chat. In fact, it’s great to chat. I’m lucky that I have people I can arrange to run with (and we like running with each other!) – you know who you are. 😀

Anyway, this week my motivation seems to have changed (for the better).

Now I have my new Garmin vivoactive smart watch that’s buzzing at me to move, buzzing at me and congratulating me when I ‘clear my move bar’.

It’s buzzing to let me know I have a phone call or message, and it’s counting my steps and distance travelled. Automatically syncing via Bluetooth to my phone. Clever stuff.

Today my Garmin app has told me I’ll do over 20,000 steps (an 8 mile run, 2 x 1km walks to work, plus walking around home and work). It’s telling me I’ve travelled (walked or run) over 12 miles.

And I’m able to check my progress so far…83,000 steps in 6 days, nearly 45 miles travelled!

It’s automatically setting my daily steps goals and it keeps going up and up and up.

Today is my best day this month yet (and it wasn’t even that spectacular).

(To give you an idea of comparison, when I ran the Belfast Marathon I clocked up around 45,000 steps in a day.)

Now I’m motivated to get walking, to run that extra mile, to get out of bed and run.

Funny how a little green bar on a new gadget can motivate you in a new way. 🙂

What motivates you to get out and run or be active?

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