April Totals

This time last year, Bank holiday Monday, I was running the Belfast Marathon. The end of April into the start of May is a little different this year. With 1 week til I go on holiday, I’ve kind of lost my purpose in training (not so bad).

I’m just looking forward to taking time out and keeping everything ticking over. And making sure I’m getting enough rest. Here’s been my activity in April, around 21 runs, the most mileage for the month this year so far.

Jan: 54 miles (recovering from illness)
Feb: 106 miles (training for half m)
Mar: 87 miles
Apr: 139 miles

A few long runs, getting back into it, including a half marathon before breakfast one day. And a few higher than normal mileage weeks, up to around 35 miles a week.

Last week was 15 + 4 + 5, so 24, but 2 runs fell into May. I’m looking forward to coming back after my holidays and getting back into my running again.

Strength training ticked along at around 2 sessions a week, tapering off in the last week to none. My heart just wasn’t in it, so I ran instead, which was fine. When we’re away on holiday, we won’t ‘train’ as such. We’ll keep active by sightseeing / walking and maybe some cycling and the odd run, but nothing planned. So I figure not strength training now is fine.

My fuel points for April are up above average, 129k. That’s all that running. Maybe 8-10 rest days.

A nice steady build each month:

Ive got my new gadget, he garmin vivoactive, which may replace my Nike fuel band I’m already thinking ‘steps’ rather than fuel points. The fuel band does both, but the vivoactive has a clearer display of when you’re hitting the goal or not.

They say 10,000 steps is a good target, and on run days I can sometimes get 10,000 steps before breakfast. 🙂 being active is key to getting a balance. The vivoactive sure did make me get out of my bed to run the second day I had it. Just to see what it’d be like on the run.

The garmin app is good too. As soon as you sync up your garmin vivoactive to your phone and garmin active, you get new menus in the app. The device itself notifies your when you get messages or calls on your phone, or notifications from other apps like Facebook messenger etc. and it buzzes to remind you to move too.

The steps goal is automatic. At the moment it’s set at around 6000, and it’ll increase once it learns that I’m a bit more active than that. My avg steps on my fuel band for April was just over 13,000 a day. 🙂

I’ve posted about my weight recently, it’s gone way up since the start of the year. But I’m not concerned as it seems not to be fat.

It’s still in the 130s, but the body fat has reduced a bit. Overall my weight is up around 4lbs since the start of the year, on the 3rd may my body fat was 12.2%.

4th Jan: 129.1lbs, 14.6% body fat
BF lbs: 18.8lbs, lbm lbs: 110.3lbs

3rd May: 133lbs, 12.2% body fat
BF lbs: 16.2lbs, lbm lbs: 116.8lbs

Down -2.5lbs of body fat, up 6.5lbs lbm.

That’ll do. I’ll be interested to see what happens after my holiday, with no strength training, and my increased running into June and July. Then into marathon training up to September.

One number I’m not too pleased with is my vo2 Max estimate. This time last year, I was fit as f…. Having trained well for Belfast marathon, my vo2 Max estimate was away up at 55.

This month, it’s dipped away down to 49 and back up to 50. Running most definitely helps this one, so again, more focus on running in June and July will be good.

The other measure I was keeping on top of was my blood pressure. At the end of March it was something stupid like 90/45… not good. I took care and it’s now around 110/67. And I can feel the difference. Running helps keep it up, I know that for sure. Running is my fix. 🙂

A wee bit of kite flying finished off a nice happy April for me. 🙂

Now here’s the plan for the next few months:

May: holiday, no training focus, just fun and sight seeing (and some sky diving, helicopter to the Grand Canyon and some cycling). Roll on Las Vegas and Vancouver. 🙂

June & July: build running up 4-5 runs a week, 1-2 strength sessions a week. Train for Thunder Run 24 at end July. Include 2 or 3 runs in one day as training (Thursdays I think).

August & September: build long runs up, marathon training for Loch Ness.

Believe it or not, I have a training plan all ready. And I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it. :-). Holiday first. Eeeek.

Oh and a wee half marathon next Saturday. 🙂

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