Wk17 into Wk18

This week was a little strange, I started off the week tired from a high mileage high activity week last week. And as a result, my plans to strength train on Monday and run on Tuesday turned into rest days to get sone recovery time.

I was tired, and knew I was because I had blurry vision. And because my lovely friend and colleague told me I looked tired too. It’s good to have good friends who are honest with you. 🙂 friends who make you see sense to rest and recover with rest days.

It’s also good to have a very active partner who ended up forcing me out of my bed at stupid o click on Wednesday morning to go for an early morning run.

My first run of the week, 4 miles as the sun came up and the birds tweeted. I was planning on going to the gym to do deadlift strength. But it’s not at the forefront of my mind. The truth is I know I’m going on holiday, and I know I’ll take two weeks off training, so I think it might be good to take a rest from strength training for a bit.

So by Wednesday evening I decided I wasn’t going to strength train and I might just do a second run of the day. I mentioned this to my good friend and colleague at work and she told me to rest. It made sense (I was running long on Thursday morning) so I took Wednesday night off too.

Doing as I’m told by someone who knows me well. 🙂 thanks – you know who you are twinnie.

This week ended up being 4 runs in total, nearly 24 miles, and 2-3 rest days (depending on what I do tomorrow, Sunday):

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: 4M easy run wi FG
Thu: 10.5M long run
Fri: 4.2M run (tried it with both watches)
Sat: 5M trail run
Sun: Rest or run or gym

I stopped feeling guilty on Thursday, when I realised that I can run and I should be grateful that I can. I got up a little earlier than normal and knocked out a good 10.5 miler. Easy peasy. And I felt great after it.

No excuses. No not being able to get out of my bed early. Running is magic. It fixes me. Makes me feel great. After an early morning run, at work, I can literally feel the ‘feel good’ stuff / hormones coursing through my veins. It’s ace. 🙂

I feel grateful to be able to do it.

Today was a good trail run at chatelhault park wi Eileen. Then she made me breakfast after it. Well tasty. Home made healthy pancakes, bacon, banana and berries. She might be becoming my best friend now. Lol. Running eating and chatting. 😉 it’s good to chat (and run) with nice and ace people.

Next week I’m going to focus in running, with a half marathon to do on Saturday morning. I might strength train if I fancy it, but I’m not going to plan it.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 8M run
Wed: 4M run / maybe strength
Thu: 6M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 13.1M
Sun: Rest

A day off on Monday and a wee half day at work on Friday hopefully, then we’ll be on holiday. Cannot wait. 🙂 busy week at work ahead. I’m hopefully going to finish something I’ve been working on for about 6 months. Fingers crossed. 😀

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