Let’s go fly a kite… pics & videos

Today was filled with fun things… a sunny 5 mile trail run with my twinnie and good friend from work… then pancakes, berries, bacon and bananas for breakfast…. then kite flying, fish and chips and a nap!  🙂


We went to Queens Park in Glasgow to fly my kite.


We went up to the flagpole in Queens Park, looking over Glasgow (and where the Southside 6 finishes – behind me in the pic).


It was a bit chilly, but I got some good kite flying done.

Some attempts were clearly better than others though – and at points, it wasn’t all that windy after all (ugly face lol).



I had a good time, before the rain came anyway. 🙂



I love looking up at the kite, making it dance all over the sky and trying to stop it crashing (whilst being pulled around with the power of the wind).


Happy Lorn today.  Next time I might find a big beach to fly it on again.  🙂


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