First day of vivoactive stats

Here’s my first full day of my stats from my Garmin Vivoactive.

I wore it on a run this morning, so it captured 4 miles of running (and steps)… but it also measured my every day activity too (and buzzed at me they the day to notify me I had messages and notifications on my phone).

Nearly 16,000 steps today, and just over 8.5 miles. That’s 4 miles running, just over a mile walking to and from work… and around 3 and a bit miles walking around work!!!

It has an automatic steps goal function which learns from how many steps you do daily and sets your daily steps goal based on it. 🙂 I think it needs some time to get to know me (I did an average of over 13,000 steps a day in April, c Nike fuel band). 

It says I burned around 1,800 calories too! Quite a lot of activity overall.

Oh and it buzzed at me a few times to remind me to MOVE (which I didn’t at points because I had to get my work done). I kinda like that function though.

Another cool thing is that it buzzes / vibrates when you get messages, either text messages, Facebook messages or any notification you have set up on your iPhone. And you can read the whole message when it comes thru if you want. (Ha ha re photo).

One of the reasons I chose the vivofit (apart from the fact I love garmins), is the sleep recording it can do.

Last night I got around 7:15 sleep, and it charted my movement as I slept (could do better). 

I’m still getting used to it. And I will do a comparison of vivofit and the Garmin 620 soon. I’m keeping my 620 because it’s much superior (in my opinion) as a running watch – but I’ll go into that another time.

I’m off to bed for an early night. Running early tomorrow morning. 🙂

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