I got myself a Garmin Vivoactive!

Ok. So I know I don’t need this, and I know I probably shouldn’t have. But this week I bought my own GPS smart watch. Eeeeek!

The Garmin Vivoactive GPS smart watch, in white.

I ordered it from Start Fitness and took advantage of a 10% discount code ( RUN10 ) and free delivery, so it was just £162 (instead of £199 rrp). I already have the HRM so didn’t need another HRM.

With GPS, it’s a clever little activity tracker cross running/swimming watch, and lots of apps available from the Garmin connect IQ store. I’m looking forward to getting it and trying it out. 🙂

Here’s a review on YouTube:

And here’s a very I depth review by DC Rainmaker (which helped make my mind up):

 It’ll be my every day watch, and will replace my Nike fuel band for steps and an activity tracker.

I’m still to decide if it will replace my Garmin 620… as the 620 has done great functions for running including vo2 Max estimates.

It will hopefully arrive, by the latest on Friday! (hopefully Thursday). I can’t wait!

(See what happens when you don’t drink alcohol? You save the money and buy cool gadgets you don’t really need!)

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