Neil runs 2 fast marathons in 6 days

If you’ve been following my page, you’ll know that, last Monday, my big brother Neil ran the Boston Marathon in a very impressive 2:30:03.

Good for an old guy eh? 😉
(Neil is the one on the left below).

Neil is & years older than me and lives and trains in Sydney. He runs around 3,000 miles a year, and even once won a marathon!

Anyway, this week, he was to repeat something he’s done before:

Boston marathon on Monday then
The Big Sur Marathon on Sunday.

6 days apart. :-O

Last week’s effort alone was very impressive, 2:30 in challenging conditions at Boston. I couldn’t even contemplate running another marathon 6 days after running a fast marathon. But he’s done it.

Here’s his lucky race gear. I wasn’t sure what time he was racing, with the time difference, but he’s finished!

He finished the Big Sur marathon, 6 days after he smashed his Boston PR by 4 minutes, to finish in 3rd place, in 2:42!

I’m a little in awe (but don’t tell him that). I have no idea how he does it. But it’s very impressive indeed. Well done Neil (ps: I think he might be an alien). 😉

All this marathon chat is getting me excited. 

Roll on Loch Ness Marathon for me. 🙂

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