Why I take the stairs…

My phone told me that I climbed 31 flights of stairs today. That’s around 310 feet or around 100m up. 😀

Stairs stairs stairs. I take the stairs. It’s a habit. I was showing some people around work, 4th floor, ground floor, 2nd floor, ground floor, 1st floor, 4th floor etc. busy busy.

I did go in the lift, 3 times with the visitors, to take them from ground to 4th, but I joked that I never remember to press the button in a lift. So when the doors close as I don’t go anywhere, I’m confused. Lucky I’m usually in a lift for them to press the button.

I only really go in lifts by choice to accompany someone, or if I’m taking someone up to a high floor who might not be able to take the stairs comfortably (or just out of courtesy to them so get don’t struggle).

I was chatting to someone at work about taking the stairs, and he was jokingly asking, ‘why would you take the stairs?’

I take the stairs instead of the lift because I know it’s good for me, but I’ve also done to lifts, what I’ve done to diet coke. I’ve turned them in to BAD things. Lazy things. Things that make you sick. ;-).

(Note: if you are unsteady on your feet, sick or unwell, I’d recommend taking the lift!)

Whereas, I’ve made stairs things that make you healthy. 🙂 They keep you active, help build your steps up for the day, and even help get / keep you fit. 4th floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor… Up up down down … You even get to meet people on the stairs too. 😉

See more reasons to take the stairs, here:


Go on. Take the stairs instead of the lift.

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