Numbers to live by

I’ve realised that I seem to be surrounded by numbers (probably through my own fault)… and my gadgets and apps make it all so easy to track and achieve. 🙂

Maybe it comes from my Dad who weighed himself once a week and charted it on graph paper each week…

…or maybe it’s just me… but I have so many numbers I live by… so many numbers that I’m motivated by … and I love my graphs too. 🙂

(note – pace and time is not one of them!)…

Effective heart rate: 150
Racing heart rate: 165
Easy heart rate: 140-150
Garmin Training Effect: 1.0-5.0

Cadence: 170-180

VO2 Max Estimate: 50-55
Fuel Points: 3,000 (daily target)
Steps: 10,000

Blood Pressure: 110/70

Resting Heart rate: 50

Weight: 124-134lbs

Body fat %: 10-15%

Hours of sleep: 8-10 ideally

Bedtime: 22:00 ideally

Wake up time: 6:00

Exercise time: 6:30 / 18:00

Age: 34

Runs per week: 3-4 ideally

Strength days per week: 2-3 ideally

Rest days per week: 1-2 ideally

Usual swim distance: 2000m

Distance run and walked: Various, usually rounded up!

Races run: 5k, 10k, 13.1M, SS6 – 15.4M, 26.2M, 33M

Kgs: Squat, Deadlift etc: 40-76kg
Facebook Likes: 629

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