Numbers going up, up, up

After around 4 years of losing weight then staying around the same weight (124-127lbs), mainly due to marathon training, eating well and not drinking …

…I’ve noticed since the start of this year, my weight (or set point) seems to have increased by about 8-10lbs. :-O !

The weight graph isn’t too impressive… up up up. 😦

Even my Withings app doesn’t like it, it keeps giving me warnings that I’ve put on weight. :-/

But with closer inspection (and why it’s good to measure body fat %, and not just weight…) it looks like my strength training since the start of this year, and eating well has been doing me some good:

2 Jul – 123.8lbs x 12.1% body fat
= 15lbs fat / 108.8lbs lbm

11 Apr – 133.6lbs x 12% body fat
= 16lbs fat / 117.6lbs lbm

+9.8lbs weight
-0.1% body fat: +1.1lb body fat
+8.7lbs lean body mass

I never thought that would’ve possible (for me, a girl, to put on nearly 9lbs of lbm!).

Here’s the fat percentage graph – (it’s low because it’s on ‘Athlete mode’ as it’s closer to what I’m like than the normal mode.)

It’s strange seeing the weight number go up, but realising that it’s all good because the majority of the extra weight is lean body mass (brain maybe??! Ha).

I’m feeling strong and feeling good, and I guess that’s more important than any number. 🙂

I’m kind of getting used to it, but it’s still a little strange.

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