Craving chocolate … but making a better choice

If you follow me on my Facebook page: you’ll have seen that I did a lot of exercise this morning:

5:30am – 4M run as the sun came up
6:30am – an hour of deadlift strength
9:00am – 30 minute walk to the post office
17:30pm – 30 minute walk home

My fuel band says I’ve been active for 5 hours, earned 5,000 fuel points and burned around 1,000 calories. :-O

Is it any wonder I’m hungry!?

On the way home from work I was craving chocolate. I have an Easter egg left over and I was very tempted to wolf the whole thing when I got home….

I did eat quite a lot today:

– banana (pre gym)
– berries, total breakfast and yoghurt breakfast (500 cals post gym), coffee – banana and peanut butter shake
– 1/3 quiche and salad
– cheese and cherry tomatoes
– nuts
– 2 pear

But at 530pm I was starving. Dinner isn’t til about 7, so I needed a food fix.

So instead of eating the WHOLE Easter egg – I opted for 2 thick oatcakes with Philly cheese and smoked salmon instead. With some water.

Then it’s left over lasagne and veg for dinner. Yum.

It’s all about choice and I just made a better choice – salmon and oatcakes over a cheap chocolate egg!

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