Wk12 into Wk13

Last week was a good 3 day week at work, and I got a good amount of training (and eating) in too.

4 runs totalling around 36 miles, 2 strength sessions, a few walks and 2 rest days.

Mon: Rest (walks)
Tue: 6.5M run
Wed: Deadlift
Thu: 7.1M run
Fri: Squat / lunchtime 4M run
Sat: 18M easy
Sun: Rest

Saturday was a good coaching run with one of my clients who is running her third marathon in London in a few weeks time. I’ve taught her to run to her HR and she’s really liking it. She’ll do really well in the marathon, I’m sure of it.

I was going to be running with her on Monday 13th for about an hour, but I thought it might be more beneficial for her if I just ran with her on her long run this weekend instead. We covered a lot of topics on the 3.5 hour run and it was good to be able to help her.

My legs were a bit sore from the squat strength on Friday, so I made sure that I took Sunday as a rest day (and got a good 11 hour sleep Saturday into Sunday.)

I treated myself to a 3 course meal at the Grumpy Goat on Saturday as a reward for the 18 miler. 🙂

Food has been good the last week too (except for the odd Easter egg and Mars bar) – the majority of my food has been good.

I was having issues where I was forgetting to eat (oops) because I was busy at work … but I’ve mixed it up a bit and am eating more regularly and taking a bit more care about it.

Here’s the plan for daily food next week:

– Berry, yoghurt and nut breakfast & coffee
– Banana and peanut butter shake incl oats
– Quiche and salad for lunch
– Pear
– Cheese and tomatoes or a yoghurt & berries
– fish or meat and veg for dinner
Plenty of water.

We had a tasty homemade lasagne for dinner tonight – about 6 veg portions!

Here’s the plan for training for next week:

Mon: Deadlift strength
Tue: 5M run
Wed: Squat strength
Thu: 7M run
Fri: Deadlift strength
Sat: 13.1M run
Sun: Rest

Let’s see if I can do 3 strength sessions in a week next week? All before work.

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