My Focuses in 2015

Looking ahead in 2015, I’ll continue my focus on strength in April, have a holiday in May, then a healthy and balanced 3 running events to focus on:

Thunder Run 24 – 25 & 26 July
(with the Reluctant Runners again)

Loch Ness Marathon – 27 September

Southside 6 – 1 November

My training will be a mixture of running, strength training and rest, in varying amounts (depending on what my focus is.)

Here’s what I’ve done so far this year:

January – spent getting my health back after being ill at the start of January.
Started half marathon training wi Fit Girl, for 8th March.

February – half marathon training wi Fit Girl.
Strength training.

March – completed Balloch to Clydebank half marathon wi Fit Girl.
Focus on strength training and maintaining distance and consistency in running, as well as rest.

Here’s my plan on what to do for my upcoming events in 2015:

April – # Focus on strength training (x2-3), and maintaining running.
Getting health and BP back to normal.
4 weeks

May – # Holiday / rest, time out, fun.
Walking, cycling and the odd run.
Back into strength (x2) and running when I’m back.
3-4 weeks

June & July – Train for Thunder Run 24
(Run 3x 10k at various times in 24 hours).
# Focus Strength (x1-2) training & running.
Getting in more multiple daily runs and long runs.
Training wi Eileen and the ‘reluctant runners’.
8 weeks

July, August, Sept – Marathon training

# Focus more on running, figure out my training plan and marathon goals. 🙂
10-12 weeks

October – SS6 training
# Focus on marathon recovery, then strength and maintaining running.
4 weeks

November & December – Strength training
# Build strength training back in and less focus on running.
8-12 weeks

I’d also like to go and visit friends and family too, need to get some plans together for that.

It all fits in rather nicely. 🙂 fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

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