Exercise is helping

After a week of consistent exercise, rest and recovery and getting back to normal – it seems that the exercise is helping my blood pressure be more ‘normal’.

At the end of March, I felt strange, nauseous, and the cold nearly broke me, with my BP in my boots after the cold temperatures of the fun river tubing and off jumping. In the last two weeks I’ve been careful to take care and get my health back.

My diastolic BP, the pressure of my blood as it flows out of my heart when it relaxes, has been a bit low. Less than 60 is low, and it should be less than 80. It’s usually about 70 when I’m well.

And the systolic, the pressure of my blood when my heart pumps, has been ok, usually above 100, when it should be above 90. Less than 90 is low. It’s usually bout 100-110 when I’m well.

Since the end of March, I’ve been monitoring my BP, and it’s getting back to normal (for me). Measuring it a few times a day – after exercise its always good, and in the mornings it’s sometimes close to low, but that’s expected.

Today’s reading of 107/74 is much more like what I’m used to it being. And that was afters good strength session where my heart rate averaged 114, maxing at 151 a few times.

The idea is that when I’m at rest my heart is relaxed and my heart rate is low. And exercise forces my heart to work hard, pumping the blood faster, and therefore raising my BP to more normal levels. 🙂 (I think).

As my Dad said to me, I’m fit, and my BP is low. If it’s really low, I might feel a bit crap, but continuing with a healthy lifestyle should get it back to normal (and help me to feel better too).

Exercising regularly, and eating and drinking plenty. Easy peasy.

Now I’m thinking exercise is my fix, I’d better keep doing it eh? 😉

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